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Nobody can tell me if this is related to the Lamictal or what I should do with it. Suicidal thoughts, anxiety and fear.

Gianna- I read your update- it still amazes me how these doctors try to tell you it should only take you a few weeks to get off of Lamictal!!!! This was a very Big concern so I decided to on my own titrate down by 50 mg for two weeks at a time till I was off lamictal.

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Lamictal Dosage Generic name: Unfortunately, I woke up around 4am and was in a barfing state dry heaves for like 3 hours, popped 2 clones and slept soundly for 4 hours. Another moment you might enjoy — I was sitting in front of a new psych at one of the psychiatric hospitals, and he told me that he saw I had a particular habit of always trying to land on my left foot whenever I got either to the top or bottom of a staircase.

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This was a month ago. I saw improvement immediately. Today, three days after cutting 25 mg from my still remaining mg I am going ape-shit.

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I was tired of feeling the way I did on the medication. You can make it through… I will keep you posted on my future withdrawing progress. It was rough, but only in that I was greatly fatigued. And yet, the mantra with the medical community — is ignore the side-effects — This ought to be all anyone needs to hear — when someone tells you to ignore your own body — run like hell — because if you ignore your own body, hell is where you will end up…….

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What is the highest dose of Lamictal? I am also tapering Mirtazapine-it was the first medication I tapered, then did them together starting in July I am, down from 75mg to 19 mg pill weight not drug content as of the 30th March I was looking at this supplement called EMpowerplus. I see the most common doses are mg to mg. I have never been so productive. I started with 50 mg of Lamictal for one week and supposed to go up to mg after one week.

Depending on the therapeutic response after conversion, the total daily dose may need to be adjusted within the recommended dosing instructions see Table 1. Right now I'm mostly holding my taper on the benzos, very slowly continuing to reduce the citalopram, and pushing my Lamictal taper a bit faster.

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Some days on the mg, I could not. I have been off of the Lamictal for a month now.

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