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Lol, a person after my own heart. Your name or email address: Next time crush it up and snort it.

If it isn't already known one would not be very likely able to properly clean and prepare them. K pins do not suck Glad I'm not the only one who thinks so Post Extras: Ummm ya I are not that smart ha Post Extras: Your help is most welcome.

OP If your this dead set on shooting your benzo's you may be interested in getting some etizolam. I hate snorting clonazepam, it makes my nose too cold or whatever like im snorting mint or vicks rub or something. You really are the worst kind of person.

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Can they be taken via injection? I'm trying this as an experiment, I've asked this so many times on other forums and no one will help me just because everyone's opinion on benzos are shit I'm sick of everyone hating on them I enjoy them I don't gaf if people say "it's not worth it just take the pill by itself" not asking for what you think I should do, I just want to know how to extract the clonazepam out of the pill that's it. I always wanted to know could a person remove the Tylenol from vicodin and the like.

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It kicks in instantly, but the effects aren't stronger and it's shorter. I have a friend that does it and but he doesn't ever do it around anyone so idk what it does to him! Morris, I believe his practice is called Premier Pain Management.

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Generally, you want to keep alcohols and water away from the pill mass at all times. It's pretty easy to IV. My throat closed and my body turned red. Yep, sounds about right.

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Another thing to take into consideration Do you already have an account? Of course unless you have good lab skills, you will need to work with a decent amount of pills in order to obtain an appreciable amount of active compound extracting one pill would be tough even for me. I should also note that I have almost NO access to needles, I only have one. Is there any way to break down Klonopin for IV injection?

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