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Honestly it was very hard to live with him because of this. A safe haven for bipolar related issues. You are commenting using your Facebook account. At my highest level I was taking mg. I say, stay strong and get all the people you can who can support you and help you get off the xanax as your doctor is helping you with.

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Tap here to leave your answer Am I suppose to stick it out and it will get better. I never got psychotic from missing a dose, either. I am on mg of Seroquel. Waking up after sleeping with Seroquel I used to take Seroquel and yes, it does knock you out pretty well.

It was for this reason that I stopped taking Seroquel. Extreme tiredness on 25 mg of Quetiapine Posted 16 May at Does anybody that takes Seroquel,end up sleeping all day long ,like me? I'll first start out and tell you why you feel like this. I have read that seroquel is not all that good. I went that next Friday but my regular therapist was concerned with how I was. Also was taking klonopin times a week. When I started taking seroquel, I had intense almost painful twitchiness in my muscles.

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I hope this helps a bit.

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I admire your patience. There has been no official diagnosis and my case has been treated symptomatically, a most unsatisfactory and erratic approach. I haven't tried litium.

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Now on Lamictal and Lexapro and that seems to be working for me. Feel free to talk about your experiences, even if they are very negative. I really don't need extra sleep or any help going to sleep.