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When Provera doesn't work?

The next couple of time my period started within days of my last pill. I have lost weight over these past few months and maybe working out a little bit more than usual but I wouldnt say I am unhealthy. I did not have that much of a lining, so I believe that is why its not working. As if you don't have enough on your mind! Featured Tales from the Crib. Hang in there girl, I know it 's hard.

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I haven't had a period in months so I went to the GYN office for help. I am having the same problems as you--no period for over a year and provera did not work. Previously I was taking prometrium the strongest strength normally given to have AF so I can start on Clomid. Thanks for the advice In the past, I have fought with weight loss while breastfeeding to no avail.

Women's Health Community Resources. Currently pregnant for the 8th time with my 3rd set of twins! I will hope right along with you though.

Re: what happens when provera doesn't work?

I Have a Dream I totally understand where you're coming from. My specialist told me to take the clomid anyway but not to expect much.

Good luck and I hope you get your answers soon! However, being a very active person who enjoys working out a regular basis, I have scaled this down as well but am wondering should I stop working out all together in order to gain that extra weight faster?

Tomorrow is day 10 after my last pill. He would be able to tell you if you should quit exercising altogether. Has anyone else not had provera work for them? Jan 26th, I started birth control once diagnosed and got my period each month like clockwork.

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Pregnancy - Third Trimester. I usually take However, I am in the same predicament as you. I have another appointment with my doctor but it isn't until early May This has been ongoing for almost 3 years.

A Provera not working.