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I have since gone upto 25mg and have had nothing but great experiences.

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Give the drug a chance to work - it can change your life for the better! After two weeks had to get off it. PackingHeat May 9, I increasingly isolated myself and avoided being "trapped", wouldn't fly and even avoided going to the barber. My therapist thinks I'm suffering from something she called "tired brain syndrome", and that I need to "reset" my brain chemistry.

The trial lasted 12 weeks, a good length that has become the standard in PTSD trials. I was told that my mom took prozac and possibly xanax and also drank a good bit some of this I remember but mostly my memory has blocked my childhood out.

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I still feel my emotions and everything, although I experience them in a healthy, normal way. I was putting myself in a bubble and would curl up in a ball just to escape. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. It really did help my anxiety and allowed me to finish the school year. Antidepressants have seemed never to work for me or made me even more anxious. Something happened this morning that would normally trigger a panic attack, and I wasn't freaking out.

The horror stories are out there since yes, the things tend to be both over-prescribed and then OVER prescribed dosage wise.

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I feel normal again. After two weeks had to get off it. It began to work at 4 weeks and really took effect at 6 weeks. I will comment each week for four weeks to update. The easiest way to lookup drug information, identify pills, check interactions and set up your own personal medication records.

They started me off on I used to read these reviews when I was waiting for Zoloft to start to take effect for me. Muscle aches everywhere, body twitches, everything.

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This time I am trying wellbutrin. I really didn't want to live anymore and the only thing that forced me to was my children.