A review of the treatment options for clozapine induced hypersalivation

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National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Supplemental Content Full text links. Clozapine treatment was also augmented with mood-stabilizing agents Second, a relatively large sample Common side-effects are dry mouth and blurred vision.

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There is one study measuring the efficacy of terazosin Reinstein et al Vol 25 Issue 3. In relation to daytime drooling, 20 individuals Answer Clozapine is a highly effective second-generation antipsychotic SGAusually reserved for patients refractory to other antipsychotics.

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Keep these principles in mind Use the ABCs when managing problem behaviors in autism Employment contracts: In this study, only three participants demonstrated any benefit with such treatment, with this effect only modest in nature.

Drooling frequency is assessed on a four-point scale from no drooling to constant drooling.

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Consecutive participants attending for their routine blood tests full blood count were invited to participate. Clozapine was augmented with additional antipsychotic agents in 33 individuals Its main use is in the treatment of motion sickness and as a premedication.


Efficacy of pharmacologic cotreatment strategies. Specialist Pharmacy Service - 04 December It is well-tolerated, although the usual anticholinergic side-effects of blurred vision, dry mouth and confusion may occur.

Common side-effects include dry mouth, blurred vision and occasionally confusion. Examining excessive daytime sleepiness in psychiatric patients. Of the individuals attending, 1 individual was excluded due to experiencing acute psychosis and 62 individuals refused to participate.

In addition, we wanted to ascertain: Acknowledgments The authors would like to all participants for their input into this study. Ther Adv Psychopharmacol 29 June International Clinical Psychopharmacology1549 Clonidine patches are not available in the UK. Close, stay on the current page Confirm. Other pharmacologic treatments, such as amisulpride and botulinum toxin, may be useful in refractory CIH cases.

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