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Please quote me so I know to reply. CeraVe foaming face wash, witch hazel, Acne. Is it possible that the higher dosage of Spiro has more of the side effects?

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I look like muffin top in all of my pants. Did you try something else or stop taking it? And what type of doctor I should go see about it?

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I have been on this before foe acne and back then i noticed the bloating and weight gain. I think the effects on the aldosterone receptors must take a bit longer to reverse. Please don't take any medicine if u don't have cancer or other serious problems ,they are all strong chemicals just like those we are careful to not touch them in chemistry lab in school. I am worried since I have been on it almost 2 years, will be 2 this summer.

Every time I have stopped my Spironolactrone my acne comes back. I have been off the spiro for almost a year now and when I was taking the 2 together I never experienced any of that. I don't want to change something up again and furhter confuse it.

Available for Android and iOS devices. I was warned to be careful of dizzy-spells. Threekgirls - I am a 38 year old woman who has suffered with cystic acne for most of my life.

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Please note that I haven't had the rash in two weeks, so perhaps it was caused by Microgestin or the full mg does of Spirono. I eventually came off of both the BC and the spiro after about months. Kisha - Thank goodness for this site! It sounds as if it could have had a severe effect on the hormonal system and should be looked into for a lawsuit.

I specifically asked my doctor if it would cause weight gain and she said no. I started last thursday, and I already lost about 3lbs.

I run four to five times a week and do weights at least once a week.

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Deb75 - Since my last post I have stopped taking my Spiro. Oh I'm not rich to afford laser either lol- but my friend spend 5 grand and got her legs and stuff done- I just want my chin done! I'm totally paranoid about weight gain from meds since i suffered from that for my entire adult life up until i stopped taking other meds.

For one week, I took 50mg a day, then this past week I took 50mg every other day. Also that any time you alter how your body stores thing like fluids it will shift your system.