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Lauren — Did you ever go back on spiro? It has done the most good. My hair dresser who initially noted significant hair loss tells me that my hair is now much thicker and healthier.

When testosterone comes into contact with Type II 5-alpha-reductase, an enzyme found in the oil glands of hair follicles, it is converted into DHT, which is responsible for the miniaturization of the follicles that leads to hair loss, according to the American Hair Loss Association.

I have lost 48 lbs during this emotionally draining ordeal alopeciaso they saw the slimmer me with thicker, sexy hair due to the topper. Do you have to be on it indefinitely to keep your hair? Before that, I had so much hair that I hated them and once when I was 18 I even tried the chemical straightener to keep them flatter. GP sent me to a clinic in Edgbaston.

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It did the trick even though it was only TRT level and not supra physiological level. I know a few people who have some awesome pieces from there — one is a redhead which is hard to find and the other has curly hair. From your experiences would you recommend Saw Palmetto or Spiro? I also do lazer therapy. I am very confident you will maintain your hair with your treatments. However, secondary anti-androgenic applications have become more prevalent in recent decades.

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Keep in mind, that at first this was not doing anything… it took a while for it to start working I am living proof, patience is necessary. It affects everyone differently, unfortunately. I am taking Spiro at mgs daily.

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Dermatologist said was due to make hair baldness pattern. So yeah, I think it helps may be prevent head hairloss or acne. Maz, How much Saw Palmetto are you taking daily? I was diagnosed with AGA using a scalp biopsy.

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Subscribe For Updates Via Email. It soya contains a type of phytoestrogen which my act as a type of blocker of DHT. I spoke to my derm about it last year and she laughed at me and told me that Spiro was used for hair regrowth and that it was just aging or something else I was 25 at the time, with no history of female hair loss in my family.

I wish this helps if u have doubts trying it! I just started it and would like to hear more about it. The dermatologist also said he could prescribe Zoloft for anxiety, but I have heard so many anecdotes about Zoloft causing lots of shedding. I have been on spirolactone for a month and a half mg a day.