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Was everyone cured and then stopped using this forum except for Jeanette? He had a large degree of success in that most of his patients became free of vertigo attacks. There is no other way to describe it other than I feel great. Sufferers with MD seem to be pretty split down the middle about its effectiveness.

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In comparison, betahistine and the JOH naturopathic regimen I mentioned, are known to be much safer if taken for a long term. Sorry to hear about your shingles. I know this because I started keeping a log in early I remember the feeling I had when I first took this new class of anti-virals orally it was like I had just discovered a miracle cure! After that I went about a year attack free.

He still takes a maintenance dose daily.

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I was fine, had no side-effects at all. I am approaching two years of vertigo relief since starting the Acyclovir treatment. I am in a 5 day episode and have lost all hearing in my right ear.

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Which was all together another disease. To this day for it's the only thing that has improved my symptoms and still annoyed that I couldn't get another prescription. Especially in comparison to where I was just one year ago.

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Acyclovir is available as tablets, capsules, an ointment, a suspension or as an injection. Careful about driving, careful about moving my head too quickly and always fearful that worse was about to happen.

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During the next eighth year, my attacks became frequent, severe and increasingly intolerable. My recollection of the timing is somewhat fuzzy, but several weeks after my initial SHL experience I had my introduction to vertigo.

Needless to say, this did not sound very pleasant to me.

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Thirty one new patients with a diagnosis of MD were treated with antiviral drugs during It's a pity that nobody has said MD results from big bangs in the frequent wars that the USA gets involved in! This included training, traveling, working, and having a wine or beer with meals. Tinitis is another prevailing problem.

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My attacks are shorter in duration hrs instead of and less severe but I still need to find a bed ASAP as I experience one coming on.