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Zyprexa or Seroquel makes heart feel weird. I was on 25mg of seroquel and 15mg of lexapro through those years and felt great. I take my Seroquel at 6: I take mgs. I understand your worries. Asked 21 Jan by RS92 Active 3 Aug Topics seroqueldepressionanxietyattention-deficit hyperactivity disorder adhdquetiapineanxiety and stressborderline personality disordercyclothymic disorderadult adhddiagnosis Details:.

I would be wary of any of the neuroleptic medications seroquel is one of them since taking them for extended periods seems to cause tardive dyskinesia.

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Best wishes, WCV Votes: I'm certain that once you get back into your job, things will become routine once again, a part of your life. The home is a safe haven, but are we aware of the health risks hidden in its nooks and crannies?

Have a great week Mattism. And, can't say this enough:: Is there a way to send a message?

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Just got prescribed seroquel for insomnia. Things like meditation, nature walking, whatever works for you, trust on yourself you can do it!!

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I just have to ask, how long? Someone pls help me. Thank you very much for such a prompt response. It means a lot.

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But I found that my anxiety started to reduce probably during the first couple of weeks, as did the external thoughts that I was originally prescribed the Seroquel for, so pretty soon after reaching my full dose. I took it a little later last night then usual about 20 minutes before I usually go to bed and I was out within 5 minutes.

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I just keep telling myself "I know I can". You have unipolar depression so effexor works great for you. Posted by gawdowner on 21 Nov at 7: Register a new account. Edited March 31, by Smedley. Some days it knocked me out so fast that I would wake up the next day and wonder what the hell had happened. Within 45 minutes I felt myself slipping back in to my depression.