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Unfortunately, I have a low pain tolerance, so I need something for pain so I can do my PT exercises and regain use of my right arm. BB code is On. As evening progresses and the meds wear off, the aching gets intense where I can't sit still and this causes a great deal of anxiety and fidgetyness. I am going to be in the worst withdrawl ever.

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If for you it is a breeze, well than thank the good lord and pass on to me your good karma when I quit the Suboxone I am now taking because of those very same withdrawals. I can say I do with this subject matter. Side effects of withdrawal are not usually fatal; however, hazardous complications can arise, so opioid withdrawal should be supervised closely.

It takes longer than 3 days to taper off an opiate, but if you feel you are going to run short of meds, then do cut down some so you won't run out. I have been on Oxycontin and Oxycodone for 14 years, which is when I was diagnosed. The Drug Abuse Warning Network DAWN also reports that oversought emergency department treatment for a reaction to the abuse of oxycodone in I know it is a time released version of what I am taking, but for some odd reason, it weirds me out.

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We are here for you, pulling for your success. I would not break up the oxycontin because the gradual release will be beneficial for your purposes. Well, instead I doubled them. If that happens then the tapers gone. I was on 2x 10mgs Oxicotin slow release for 4 weeks, then was on 10mgs morning and then 5mgs at night for 4 days, then I went on to only 5mgs a day for the las 4 days, had head aches and a few sweats at night, but nothing I cant handle, but uncomfy.

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I was doing mg a day and stopped cold turkey. I can live with or without it and have tried taking standard ASA tablets for the headaches.

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Sorry Jilly, I seem to have gotten a little verbose here. So be thankful you haven't been crushing 4x that amount for 4x as long! Hi I just have a few questions. The naloxone is also an abuse-deterrent because if these combination buprenorphine products are altered and then injected, the naloxone will precipitate withdrawal, which is very uncomfortable and can keep someone from wanting to try to abuse these medications.

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However, they were all very manageable with OTC meds. I was wondering if it is possible to taper my tolerance back down to maybe only taking 10mg twice a day.

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During oxycodone withdrawal someone may also yawn a lot more than normal and tear up easily. The time now is I now want to stop the 5mgs, but not sure if I can just stop the tablet straight away.