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No, my acne did not get any worse once I stopped my injections. Acne is caused by over consumption of these foods, plain and simple Your doctor will argue vehemently otherwise, but these are the true culprits. And on a side note, jillian michaels has a great body, very hot, but her face looks a bit manly in some pictures. The usual starting dose for Accutane is between 0.

Forget the side effects, the fact that drugs don't cure, they only mask symptoms. Bernhard Riemann and the Greatest Unsolved Problem in Mathematics" Click on the image above to buy my book, a reader's guide to the new President's autobiography. They consume chips, white bread, cookies, fries, super size soft drinks, candy, sweet cold cereal, etc I have great trouble gaining weight, and the delicate features of my face, that others have described, are still there.

Yours does sound worse than mine, but here is the link to my treatment.

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Check your test levels and see if they are low, though I would consult with a doctor whether they are safe to use with accutane first.

I had stopped my injections 8 weeks ago, due in part to this problem, but I have every intention on resuming my shots. If she doesn't prescribe it, I'll try to get it through my family physician, or ask for a referral to another dermatologist, but I'm not sure doctors work like that; meaning, I don't know if one dermatologist says, "No, I won't prescribe you accutane if you continue with T injections," that I can get a referral to another dermatologist who will say, "Yes!

Accutane ulcerative colitis class action lawsuit. There are lawsuits out the ass right now on it too. Blue States Baby Gap: What should i do?

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My mother told me later that my shoulders became slighter, the features of my face had become more delicate and refined and remarked on the personality changes, too. After doing extensive research on how accutane affects growth, it really concerns me as I'm currently only 16 years and 8 months old and hence am still in the growing stage of my life.

Accutane is related to a super high dose of Vitamin A.

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So there is no real relation? I am 22 now and have had no further acne problems. Here's what I'd do! Forget all that stuff, just give me my prescription pad! I've always been under the impression that accutane only affects the oil glands in your body, not produce an anabolic steroid like effect. Originally Posted by Scrutiny. Please also describe why I cannot take any of the above. To avoid being sued by the makers of Accutane, let me point out that his reaction was probably quite idiosyncratic.

Being naturally curious and an avid reader, when I was eighteen I realized admittedly proudly that these are all manifestations of high testosterone levels. But it's too late for you, Simon.

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Accutane is the only possible reason for this considering it was literally the only change in my ruitine.