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Join Date Nov Posts 1. Before taking Lexapro, she identified that she was in danger of harming herself and checked herself into the hospital, and talked to her family and friends. My mom finishes her prescription for morphine 2 weeks before her next refill, then goes nto withdrawals. Originally Posted by Galler BcMangster. The end of the world was upon us. Still have a question?

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I had not really put the two together, until now. I can guarantee something will happen between now and February 9th. I really am a believer in certain antidepressants for certain people causing them to literally not be themselves and have no control because it happened to me.

I know you are keeping face and doing your daily tasks but this has to be more difficult than anything you have ever gone through before.

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I hope that when this life ends that another one of peace and love begins. Save your draft before refreshing this page.

I took a bunch of painkillers and about half an hour later called Related Questions Does lexapro affect dreams? I would like to see the studies which show that the newer pills are less dangerous in overdose than the older ones.

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So do they know? If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your physician or immediately. What can happen if you overdose on steroids? Without a lenghthy post, I will just say that I had little or no help from Lexapro in fact, my depression was deepened as does happen sometimes and that I had notable improvement with Effexor and Effexor XR within a matter of days.

If you are asking about single-use overdoses, there is no minimum dose at which Lexapro becomes potentially deadly. You would have to go by clinical observation and there is no evidence that I am aware of.

So thanks to you all.

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By the way Lundbeck, I am accusing you of fraud, if I am lying you must surely be sending me a solicitors letter. The most notable adverse effects of Trazadone are QT prolongation, leading to one of the several types of heart blocks, or one of the two principal Bundle-Branch Blocks LBB and RBB respectivelyThese types of arrhythmias will lead to bradycardia, and could deteriorate into more ominous arrhythmias such as Torsades a type of Ventricular Tachycardiawhich in turn without immediate treatment usually results in Ventricular-fibrillation and death.

Her sis at that time told her in that case you have a dead husband.