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EJ, That is fascinating, I need to look for that article!! I too have been thru some of what u were. Thanks a bunch girl!!

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That's all providers are required to do and it's happening here in the U. At Mayo, doctors work to taper patients off narcotics and give them other tools.

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I am so thankful for the Weismann method me and another gentlemen that where in there together went over a year with no opiates of any kind he I may add is going strong. Thank you to all those who have fought the fight and to all those who are fighting Try telling my liver that 15 years on opiates isn't the reason why it is SO bad - and not to mention that my GI tract has slowed down so much now that I take 4 medications daily just to have a bowel movement every days.

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Select additional lists by selecting the checkboxes below before clicking Subscribe:. It has nothing to do with moral character and everything to do with the highly addictive nature of these drugs.

Ironically, Penny only began abusing her pain medication after she got sober and her pain began to spiral ever higher. This is why physicians are encouraged to only prescribe opioids for short durations and be cautious when using them to treat chronic pain. It just so happens, in the case of hydrocodone or oxycodone, which are weaker in general terms, that some people are more sensitive to it than others.

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Previous studies have shown that opioids make microglia more sensitive to activation. But the most significant liver damage results from the acetaminophen that is included in many of the formulas. I have oxycontin now and love it Im post surgical for my c spine. Continue reading to learn more.

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At te end of the day my post is my story and that's it!!! May 7, '10 by LethaChristina. Dec 28, '10 by RivetheadGirl. The liver is therefore heavily stressed by prescription painkiller abuse and can store toxins from the breakdown process.

I'm sorry for whatever has happened in your life that makes you so consumed with judging people's stories Your post has given me enciuragement to get on with slowly decreasing my pain meds - I am so hoping my life will be better off of them! Since long-term use of opioid painkillers is a risky option for controlling chronic pain, patients are often advised to focus on other safe, proven methods for managing chronic pain, such as:.

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After 6 weeks, injured rats that had received no morphine withdrew from the same kind of pokes as uninjured control rats. The compression experienced by the muscles causes the tissue to begin to disintegrate.