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Top Trying to Conceive Answerers. Is there an over the counter medication or home remedy? You may need to ask your doctor for the mg dose and see how your ovaries respond via blood work and ultrasound.

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We recommend you begin a new post. Trying To Conceive Forums. Med Help International, Inc. Crystal, if you are confused by what the doctor told you regarding your clomid prescription you need to reach out to you doctor to get clarification on his or her orders so that you can understand and have your questions answered. Four rounds of letrozol and no luck.

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I want to know if the dosage is much for a start or not? Sex for Getting Pregnant. Keep me updated with new comments.

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We weren't trying and hadn't ovulated since giving birth. He is now 8 months old.

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Trying To Conceive Over And if so, what will happen to the breastmilk for my baby?. There really isn't no limit in rounds you can take in a lifetime like a lot if people think.

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Created by Lady Last post 3 months ago. My fear is twins since all test were normal It is important to note that even though dosages in excess of mg are not approved by the Food and Drug Administration, your fertility doctor will determine the right dose for you. You'll want to track that to make sure you are having sex around ovulation. Hi everyone, How can someone increase the cervical mucus if they are taking Clomid?

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The standard dosage is 50 mg a day for five consecutive days, usually starting on the second, third, fourth or fifth day after menstruation begins. Tap here to leave your answer Shop Til You Drop. Trying To Conceive 1.