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I did not realize that most of my suffering during the day that developed over the first year or so was due to daytime withdrawals from zolpidem. Suicide was floating through my mind a lot. I got a new doc when we moved to Calif.

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Sandra — Were you on the The long term effects of taking Ambien for more than 6 months at a time are not well known. Very tired but feel dizzy and head just feels off. We'll help you find it.

Who can give me some success stories?

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Hope this works out! Enter your number to receive a call from a compassionate treatment expert. Hopefully, I have dodged the bullet on this one. I can not sleep, can not think, can not function and my doctor told me to take ambien again.

In either case, the goal of Ambien detox is to minimize discomfort and prevent harmful withdrawal symptoms. So I quit cold turkey and had memory loss, whopper headaches never had headaches in my life except maybe in college after a night out muscle aches that were incredibly painful after workouts, and generally just hated myself for all of that around the clock.

When my Dr found out I was sleepwalking when I fell, he took me off the Ambien.

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I feel terrible all over when I wake. I figure it will pass eventually. I am hanging in there, hopeful that in a few weeks it will be much better. My kids, husband, school, and myself are deeply suffering. I tapered my dosage with small amounts over the course of mid-May of last year until early October. I know there are threads on this site for those meds I have slept around 2 to 4 hours each night.

Tonight will be my fifth night of not taking it. I have no motivation to do anything and fill like my life is just a big disappointment. I try sounding them out to no avail.

How long until Ambien withdrawal starts?

My partner has been taking zolpidem tablets a night to treat insomnia for about 15 years now with no previous history of depression — in the recent years he has had 3 depressive episodes usually concurrent to a increase in zolpidem to approx 10 tablets a night. A psychiatrist can put you on meds you can take every night without building a tolerance — that is what I did.

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I see no alternative.