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As always, the best person who can give you all the required information about taking Bupropion, or Wellbutrin, while you are pregnant, is your doctor. It is available in the market under the trade name of Wellbutrin. Long Term Trying To Conceive. The design of this study does not allow a conclusion to be drawn. So I don't think it affects getting pregnant!

It is important to continue taking Wellbutrin as prescribed even if you find out you are pregnant. One study has suggested a weak association between first trimester exposure and heart defects. Lifesaving Health Tests for Women.

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The results of the higher rates of spontaneous abortions were also same as the results of other studies that were done to check the safety of using antidepressants at the time of being pregnant 3. And can antidepressants harm my baby once I do get pregnant?

Anti-depressants and pregnancy - Wellbutrin

Thanks in advance for any advice. Pregnant women who suddenly stop taking their antidepressants are at risk for physical and psychological symptoms. First, Congratulations to everyone and I hope to join you soon!!! Also, the baby may experience birth complications and also have a low birth weight. Could You Have Postpartum Depression? One study reported miscarriages occur more often in pregnant women taking bupropion as compared to women not taking this medication.

Honestly, I am not on any antidepressants right now but whatever is happening to my body is causing me to need them again.

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Does bupropion use increase the risk for miscarriage? A sane and healthy Mom is what they need, so for me it will be worth continuing my Wellbutrin as long as my Midwife is okay with it. Wellbutrin is not safe for all patients.

Contact your gynecologist or the prescribing physician as soon as you know you are pregnant to talk about treatment options during pregnancy.

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Tap here to leave your answer More studies are needed to better focus on this area. I tend to go a bit crazy without my anti depressents but the negatives with taking them out weigh the positives so I desided to stop taking them as soon as I fell pregnant.

I was having really bad depression at the beginning but my doctor said the same thing about there not being enough conclusive data on long term effects.

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