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The connection between grapefruit and statins

Let's be friends — join our Facebook community. How to order by mail: This chemical binds to an enzyme, CYP3A4, which makes it easier for medication to pass from the intestine to the bloodstream, increasing levels in the blood.

The content is objective, medically accurate, and adheres to Healthline's editorial standards and policies. Women and people over 65 are at a higher risk of developing side effects from statins. Is Mona Vie acai juice safe with Coumadin? There have been no documented problems with lemons, tangerines, clementines, mandarins, navel oranges, and blood oranges.

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Not all statins interact in the same way with grapefruit. September 23, community. Sign in Sign in with facebook. Alternatives to Statins for Cholesterol. Please try again later. The good news, however, is that a study reported in the Journal of Food Science in and funded by the US Department of Agriculture citation here has shown that tangelos do not contain furanocoumarins and should be safe.

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Usage of the website does not substitute professional medical advice. September 8, preparedsociety. Other studies have suggested that grapefruit in moderation showed no ill effects. See a certified medical professional for diagnosis. If you use a skin patch or receive your medication through an injection, you may have a lower risk of adverse effects.

However, to be safe, check with your doctor if you take one of the two statins mentioned above. Because tangelos are a hybrid of tangerines and grapefruit, concern exists that they might have the same effect on statin absorption as grapefruit.

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