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Multi-Universe level Fought and defeated Chaos, the embodiment and source of all Chaos and evil, who is the antithesis to God and who controlled a dimension containing numerous spinning galaxies Speed: If he can just up and make a universe, he's kind of wasting that on an attack that is solar system level instead of just chucking a big bang in front of Cloud's face 3.

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Vlad Tepes Dracula; formerly Mathias Cronqvist. Now is the time to put aside your weak human side. Edited by KinkiestSins What is the Danger of Breathing Troubles?

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Soma has the ability to copy the powers and abilities of the monsters by absorbing their souls upon their defeat. His reincarnation, Soma Cruzreacted to Chaos' attacks which are roughly ,,cand people inferior to Dracula like DeathOlrox and Menace aren't much slower than Soma Cruz. Retrieved from " http: Edited by Gargoyle One I was simply cleansing the world.

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Besides, having neared godhood still means you're not quite a god, so there is that. One day, my power will be fully revived Thus I sentenced them When all I ever wished for was Elisabetha's safety.

Soma Cruz Vs Cloud Strife

Manipulated everyone in Lament of Innocence to achieve his goal of becoming a vampire. A cesspit of hatred and lies. Avatar upgrade for members! Okay to actually break down how wrong that post is Soma Cruz is the protagonist from the games Castlevania: I will let you be the judge, and it might be grain of salt worthy, but I will chalk that up to inconclusive Too put it bluntly, both have similar feats, speed is equalized so that does not matter, and have similar durability.

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Suffering from male pattern hair loss? Dawn of Sorrow Inventory Intelligence: Originally a human called Mathias Cronqvist, Dracula fell into madness after the death of his first wife, and became an immortal vampire thanks to the powers of the Crimson Stone.

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