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Most Doctors will prescribe T4 medication under the assumption that your body will have no problem converting T4 into T3. How long you been on it now and are you still losing weight or gained it back.

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I was diagnosed with a pituitary tumor about 2 years ago. I was dianosed with under active thryroid and put on thyroxine 25 mg and after a month I felt worse tired, weight gaining badly and sick a couple of times. This reply has been deleted by a moderator. Levothyroxine is a replacement for a hormone that is normally produced by the thyroid gland to regulate the body's energy and metabolism.

Anything less than this indicates that your metabolism may be slowed. Some medications are known to interfere with the absorption of synthroid, leading to suboptimal therapeutic outcomes. His opinon - my GP had made a mistake, bless her, she was treating me for the symptoms and looked at me as a whole person and not just a blood test number.


Levothyroxine is a synthetic T4 medication made to mimic the natural T4 hormone produced by the thyroid gland. So, overeating was not the culprit. Nature Thyroid is cheaper. Hi, what was the virus that was attacking your pituitary? However, it appeared as though body weight was significantly altered by levothyroxine among the 14 participants over the age of 45 ages 46 to Side effects that may occur when your dosage is not quite right include increased sweating, fever, increased appetite, heart palpitations, increased heart rate, chest pain, difficulty breathing, insomnia, hair loss, flushing, anxiety, or diarrhea.

Liothyronine, Cytomel and SR T3 compounded. For example, someone prescribed a pharmaceutical psychostimulant e. A lot of middle age people suffer from a "sluggish thyroid" Clearly not everyone ends up losing weight from taking synthroid. Thank you, Report this. Drives you literally insane I can vouch for that was doing things I have never done before and it was not good.

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There are a variety of levothyroxine products available, including Levothroid and Levoxyl. View all 7 comments Add your Comment. Whether you are obese or not, please use your common sense. I did this thru diet and exercise A total of 33 patients were recruited for the study, but only 22 individuals completed it 5 males, 17 females, ages 26 to 64 years.

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I was at lbs when I started. Levoxyl is available in generic form. I was considering a joint supplement that was referred to me called Super Cissus RX. Now my weight fluctuates between 98 and