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Even when they are prescribed for me, I avoid pain killers because generally they kick me in the ass and not in a good way. I could still "feel" the pain, but it was dulled and I just cared much less about it. I suppose everyone is different, is the take-away. It makes you slightly dizzy and lightheaded. Hopefully I will get some new plans of actions to get me through to the neurosurgeon appointment!

I am new to the group. Only you can decide if the benefits outweigh the side effects.

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I have severe pain and the only drug I tolerate is Vicodan. My friend takes cannabis on a regular basis, and he says that he does not feel like he is a part of his body anymore when he takes it. I have taken it for years so I don't feel any of the above You simply have to way the pros Vs the cons.

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I tell docs no opioids Now that I typed that out it sounds like an urban myth. I think that Britain has determined that at this time the risks outweigh the benifits but it is a rapidly developing field and that can change in a heart beat.

Among them, people 0. It's a very uncomfortable feeling. I am dependent on it, not abusing it. I'd cough for 5 hours out of the 8 I was trying to sleep, which wasn't good for me or for my husband.

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I don't know how much - for me it works the opposite: Good morning, about 1 month ago I had a heart attack. Just take two Benadryl. I coughed pretty much non stop from April through September My take is that they don't remove the pain so much as send it more to the back. I feel fuzzed out, itchy, only mildly nauseous, with a headache I can tolerate.

My friend has told me that he has heard that people feel wrapped in a blanket while on opiates. In the past couple of years, I heard, there have been a couple of new painkillers specifically for nerve pain that could help.