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That thought scared me and couldn't see how a pill would help anyway.

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Or why people chew or tap their fingers when they are stressed. I'm really hoping that it stops my nausea which I get in the worst situations and I have faith that it will.

Zithromax once daily

I still have the occasional off day but its never been anywhere near my pre medication days. I also attend CBT, which has really helped. For example, I have a basket of 'go to' items to help distract me when my obsessive intrusive thoughts get really bad.

But Ya I have battled thru these thoughts with Exposure and just flat out ignoring them. The anxious feelings seem to bring it on, but its not always that way. Obsessive ruminating over past relationships. I am sorry that you ruminate so much.

Panic Attacks and Anxiety Resources

Relevance All posts must be related to anxiety or anxiety disorders if you're unsure please message the mods. My husband said why didn't you start them sooner. Had pretty much no side effects, started on 10mg, up to 20mg, then up to 40mg for 10 days before my period due to suspected PMDD. My heart pounded as if trying to violently escape my chest while an opposing force pushed in from the outside. And they come at me like I am being pelted by rocks. It was like I stepped through a portal and into a hunting tree stand at 5am during a snow storm.

I do t think of them much now - the anxiety was cured for me and so the thoughts lost their importance. I felt rubbish with symptoms of dizziness, fatigue, nausea for 9 days then I started to feel so much better. So changed to take citalopram at night. After 3 months I gradually got back to work but it was very tough.

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Citalopram Rating Summary 8. The brain is so freaking amazing, I just wish we had a better way to determine who needs which med and when.

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But like I said early days. I reckon i learned this behavoir when i was suffering depression!

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Thank for the reply Kate. I will keep you posted.