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However, if hot flushes are coming day and night and are troublesome any old time, then take progesterone daily instead of cyclically. Doctor Checkups for Toddlers.

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There is also a risk assesment tool called FRAC here: My mother had a hysterectomy after I was born so there was no evidence of what my likely menopausal course would be except from my sister. Valerie, Point of fact, Canada has not banned Depo Provera. I had no idea what was to come. Hi there, I have recently found out I am pregnant shortly after taking provera which had taken at the wrong of my cycle as my periods are very irregular. I also fear that I may gain even more weight when I discontinue the Depo — are you aware of whether this is true?

I like to think my period is going to come and be normal, but it never does. Unfortunately, the symptoms may resurface — and possibly increase — when the shot is stopped.

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Your age and future plans to have children do make a difference in deciding how to proceed. So many people have commented that the symptoms of withdrawal are real, but there is no feedback on treatment or recovery. I do not want to be pregnant this year i had a c-sections but would love to try for another baby at the end of next year. How can this be normal and with no forewarnings?

Sore breasts tell us that our estrogen levels are higher than the highest normal mid-cycle estrogen peak.

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My mom went into menopause late, and bore children late in life, as have most of the women in my family, and I have a grown daughter, had her when I was a late teen. Only now are there talks of reffering me to a gynaecologist and since researching the depo this week the truth is well hidden!!!

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Do most know how a healthy, ovulatory menstrual cycle unfolds? However, I am still experiencing the awful breast pain and swelling and horrible acne, worse than it was when I was a teenager!

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Approved drug uses More information about a drug Tips about using medicines. I was on the depo shot from to Heavy flow is one of the most common experiences of early perimenopause that at least a quarter of all women experience. This high-dose of MPA was also well tolerated by postmenopausal women. February 16, at 2: Nurse language tests 'among urgent recruitment concerns' 3 comments.