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My lorikeets have a preference for a particular type of toy. Then I gave the dogs their toys. I know I could pull her out and do some training, distract her with flowering gum or something else.

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How am I supposed to train 4 at once!? The lorikeets were very impressed with their new toys and I breathed a sigh of relief.

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And if you do mind, learn how to stop the screaming. I didn't chew on it! Jamie actually did a really great post on working with multiple birds, so make sure you read this: The link to the store is here: My little darling, Lori, has worked out how to jam her upper body into this room. Spend some time just talking to them and let them get used to you being around.

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It took Otto my musk lorikeet less than 60 seconds to learn all three squeaks. They are quite capable of painting any wall that is near their aviary and often seem to be doing so intentionally.

Hi Jaime, Wow, you have your hands full!!!! This time will allow you to work out what they like and dislike.

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Today I bought 4 8 month old beautiful rainbow lorikeets. Lori in her favourite toy. Dori - all innocence. You can use these tags: Let me know how you go. A lot of birds react like that in the first few days of going to a new home. There are days when it literally seems to eat away concrete. I personally started my guys with the basic trick training course, but in your situation the biting course might be more helpful. They swing off them and make happy yipping noises while constantly ringing the bell.

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Hi Mel, How are you? One of those irritating high-pitched barkers that never stops. Hey Mel, How are you? He promptly started to teach the others; their new toys were promptly forgotten in favour of this new noise game.