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Drug information provided by: Asked 30 Sep by yellagurl Active 30 Sep Topics hyperhidrosisacetaminophenhydrocodoneside effect Details:. She was strictly thinking of my well-being as all mothers do, and was not aware that she should not offer up her medication to anyone. To cold turkey from here will my withdrawls be very bad?

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My question is is it normal to feel spinal pain from your neck to your tailbone during withdrawals? I had my first full check up from a legit doctor whom intern said my body is riddled with arthritis. How much longer will I be needing Immodium. This has been going on for about 3 weeks. I had back surgery in Dec.

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Urinary tract infection Uncommon 0. Unlawful, then disregard my suggestion! The doctor would not give a prescription for it. Getting off can be done.

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I saw my surgeon today and finally had the cast removed and was in much more pain with it off??? I have had chronic pain for 14 yrs. Is waking up feeling like that addiction? Ever since I stopped taking them I have has blurred vision. When I realized that they would not take me back my addiction started again. Please get this info out there. I have been on Norco for 6 yrs. Get your calendar full.

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I suffer from Generalized Anxiety Disorder. But if you were in a detox, you could be given medications to help ease symptoms. I took that first step. If it gets out of control, don't ignore it!