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Factors that influence Percocet withdrawal

I wonder if it's the shock of finding it, never in a million years did I expect this I had to manage how I took them due to drug test a few times a month but decreased to once a month.

I am not doing well.

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No longer trapped or controlled by the opioids or the doctors. They included dizziness, tinnitus, feeling stuffed up, muscle pain and weakness. I hope you are doing good.

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Your help is most welcome. And in the meantime, do something you enjoy, could be eating ice cream, taking a road trip, etc. I am scared of what will happen if and when i quit i dont wanna freak out beacuse i have a 11 year old daughter.

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I am hoping to complete this within a week, after 3. The toughest, but the best thing I ever did for me, my wife and children. I never took more than prescribed, but did have trouble with constipatation and vomiting.

I just wanted to say congrats. The doc will tell you this. The addict lives on after the withdrawl so please find a sponcer and meetings or counseling or something so you dont relasp, I can smell success on you, this is your time, God Bless you dear Helpme we are here for you.

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My advice to anyone is that if your running out of your meds early…. Come to the forum sometime and share with the newcomers. I'm not in Withdrawals now, but I have spent the last three weeks making it to dayand then relapsing.

Hoping I have a full recovery soon. You have to want to be clean. I don't get it. Just be prepared to not take the opiate you are addicted to for a while longer until you begin to feel a little crappy or more, then you can take the Suboxone without any problems.

Keep going one minute at a time.

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Got arrested, took suboxone and was clean since after a many year habit- fast forward to now. Sneezing like crazy, body aches and diarrhea.