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She is a challenge.

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My grandson was put on Ranitidine and I believe his crying has gotten worse. Can zantac make it worse? I breastfed exclusively for 3 months, but because of the reflux eventually ended up pumping and feeding her breast milk through a bottle from months except the feeding right before bed. I dont think its the formula he is on that is bothering him Is there any other wy to get her to take it in her bottles?? It may take a while for your son's stomach to get used to the Zantac, but it will work trust me!

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If it's not flavored, he may be vomiting because it tastes awful. I thought I was losing my mind for the last few weeks. The only thing that would work for us sometimes is to sing some song to her. Interested in Life Alert? In Reply to FunMoonMoon.

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Hi Jem, I found your post when doing a Google search to see if Ranitadine was making my baby cry. Turned out it was Dairy cow's milk, I could have soylemon juice acidic Think about what you eat.

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But only your doctor can tell you if these are signs of acid reflux disease. Is this baby considered new born or less than 2 week old? Sep 16th, She needs to figure out what is setting it off and I bet that will make a world of difference. Originally Posted by mrsthomas Our GI doc also had me stop breastfeeding and out him on nutramigen formula made by enfamil.

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He'd swallow it His breath always smelled like vomit, he'd make the ick face like he was in pain when it happened, he arched, screamed, etc. This site has kept me going through a lot of hellish times. As far as the car seat goes Featured Tales from the Crib.

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