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Talk therapy is great, walking, any kind of exercise, a hobby? I hope that side effect subsides.

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Clinical trials by drug companies publish statistics that indicate the sedrugs are more effective at treating depression than a placebo. Can't Stop Crying - What are you feeling? I also take Ritalin. Abilify is pretty good stuff. I do think they can induce extreme apathy after time, but I can't blame my current state on SSRIs as it has been 18 months or more since I last took one.

Now I take Cymbalta and I have a Do Antidepressants Dull Your Emotions? Don't be afraid of antipsychotics. It was a passion, hobby, pastime and pleasure for me. Yes it can take 6 mo. Not sure if this is a side effect?

Does Cymbalta Numb Your Emotions

This is really timely as my husband started Cymbalta 4 weeks ago he's also on Wellbutrin and Abilify and we were discussing today how he's doing and I said maybe he needs to give it a few more weeks. It was very hurtful. Apathy is my worst symptom, and I agree it is an absolute bitch.

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I've now read up about this and I believe I have enough symptoms to need a formal assessment. I had a buzzing in my ears for the first 10 days and couldn't hear out of one ear for over a week. She honestly scares me so much. I went to my room to get changed and cried a lot bit my mum made me sit in the living room with her.

Just focus on getting better, then worry about your weight.

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HELP -- Side effects from what? I almost felt like crying. I just only have to keep remembering that this is just a "Temporary Inconvience" That is something I had forgotten, a little book from when I was in school for my MFCC, "Dennis Whatley" Seeds of Greatness" Very small, but powerful book, about 98 pages. I have major stomach issuesI can't eat anything without getting sick or very nauseous.