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You may discuss with your doctor about the side effects you are facing and go ahead for leaving the drug.

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I would never have thought about hurting my child, but I could understand what other mothers were thinking when they snapped. It was like taking uppers for a year. Now i am on 60mg and no joy i sufferin panik attacks really bad from day to day and cant get myself down to the doctors in some cases! I'm having severe trouble with anxiety and sleep and panic. Now he is suffering form the side effects of deanxit like headache and sleep disorder.

More Information Responsible Party: After that it was good.

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And as I mentioned, from last 10 year I am using it but now I am not suffering from any kind of headache. When I took this drug before I had a boyfriend and I have to admit that I had a difficult time reaching orgasm as well as little or no interest at all to have sex. And i do hope that more people who like Prozac post positive feedback. I thought I was just too calm and cool. I have been on prozac for a while now because i wa cutting myself recently it seems to not be working as well.

Just to prick myself. I started on 20mg and then they raised the dose to 40mg.

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Why did you stop this medicine? It was very embarassing for me especially that I was already in high school at that time. I'm pretty sure its the prozac thats helping me to express this to you guys.

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Reading these comments is very hard for me. I am normally a person who does not cause confrontations with others but I could very easily do this now.

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He had CVD and open heart surgery 8 years ago. December Final data collection date for primary outcome measure. I was the dr's lab rat and i hated it. I would say for the most part I was depressed the entire time I with depression ever since I got off medication four years ago.

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Department of Health and Human Services. But even after my divorce I didn't feel so empty Hello, I am 29 I have had panic disorder for 11 years now, If any of u have ever had a panic attack u understand the evilness of it lol. Working seven days a week.