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Cipro and Workouts

I am quite nervous about this. Or are you ongoingly eating and drinking low level amounts of Fluoroquinolones? She agreed with my tentative diagnosis and prescribed a full course of Cipro. Very very nasty stuff which should be reserved for severe cases only. The science says otherwise. By QualityRape in forum Teen Bodybuilding. In retrospect that wasn't the smartest thing to do.

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Should you actually get an infection, there are likely alternatives i. I am 60 years old. Then I read all of the stuff on here about that class of drug. Please read the link below on how to recognize a logical fallacy and more importantly, why they are used. As an adult after reading that MVP was very commonly misdiagnosed in the 80's and 90's I got retested and the doctor said based on the results not only did I not have MVP but I never had it.

The Gulf War Syndrome Ca I agree with the previous posters warnings of these Fluoroquinolones!! Are you kidding me? Mitochondrial dysfunction and oxidative stress are general, not specific, phenomenon.

Most of all, I fault myself for not researching the possible side effects before poisoning myself this way. I have done three rounds of Cipro the last 7 years. Alison Woodhead May 1, Reply. Similar Threads workout journal includes diet,cardio, and workouts By ballplaya in forum Workout Journals.

It should only be allowed to prescribe this dangerous drug for confirmed life or death bacterial infections. Michaeli — I had an adverse reaction to fluoroquinolones.

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I don't recall them getting more and more tender or anything, they may have but I didn't notice. Zero winter riding for me.

I had a bad recurring sinus infection.