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Quitting Percocet can be very difficult without a proper tapering and gradual dose reduction. I retired several yrs ago and the strain of sitting long periods of time is gone. I quit cold turkey after taking Percocet for 7 years after 3 weeks of cold turkey I took one and my body felt like the detox process started over why is that. By day six the mental things really start to come into play.

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I know I gotta be strong for no one except myself. Hang in there Honey!

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Ive been on my own tapering program for the last six weeks now,rather two monthsim down from six a day to four,and a half, doing pretty well,deal with slight nausea at times,wake up at night with the burning skin tingling etc,but dealing with it,my goal is to get to three a day then maintain that for a couple three months,what do you think ,any suggestions,comments.

This is not under the supervision of a doctor. Is this amout of time and mg going to make withdrawls last a ling time? Instead, you can successfully treat each withdrawal symptom with over-the-counter medications you can purchase at the local pharmacy. I am not a drug user, have never abused substances or taken a narcotic until recenty. Results 1 to 30 of I have been taking Percocet for about a yearI slowly built up to everyday and the past few months usually more then one a day.

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I am doing the taper off method. HI WORRIED, I know how your feeling very worried, ive been there,talk to your pharmacist, split your tablet,into quarter and try to wean down the next couple days with the,three you do have then when your out try gravol ,nausea and immodium for cramps etc, if you have any scripts, for anxiety take that,god luck ok. Then, try some alternative methods for managing pain. Addiction - Does anyone know how much percocets 30 cost on the street?

I have been taking two percoset when I wake up and 2 more at mid day as my rx and rheumatology dr tells me. I realized I was cheating no one but myself by doing the taper method. A Sherpa hoodie is your best friend. Also, you may consult whit a pharmacist to recommend some over-the-counter aid to help with withdrawal symptoms.

Stop and avoid opiate use. Im already experiencing anxiety. Consult your doctor about how long to continue tapering before you discontinue use completely. My doctor is out of town for the next few weeks.