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Generally Wellbutrin is not recommended for things like OCD and anxiety as it can make them worse. You, as a reader of this website, are totally and completely responsible for your own health and healthcare. I certainly need the energy. I estimate that I've been Dysthymic with anxious features since I've always had severe depression, so of course it was worse with pregnancy and post-partum.

I still have some anxiety but just started to increase from mg to mg. Wellbutrin should not be taken if you have an eating disorder. I hope you have the same results!!

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I was fine to breastfeed on it too. I was lbs. Now I've calm down a lot. My biggest side effect was weight gain, which I hated. I am currently age 26 and it got to the point in which I got on Citalopram.

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Have you told your doctor about this? I have been off of it for a year now and overall I feel much better than I did before I started taking it. What dose are you on?

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However, it did taper off, and now I find it to be ineffective with regard to gaining or losing. Best wishes to all of you. Depression has been a life long condition so I would like to tell the younger folks that it does get better. I noticed I am feeling more tired lately too. Yes bad I know. I hope the nightmares stop and weight loss begins. I'm planning on going back to Wellbutrin and dropping the Zyprexa, as that has caused weight gain which I'm not comfortable with at all.

It's not guaranteed to even affect your appetite it's not like it was made to For days on end I can't fall asleep till 4 or 5 am and then I'm up and wide awake by 9 or 10 am but after several nights of that, then I'll have one night where I'm asleep by 10 pm and I don't wake up till 10 am the next day and then of course it starts back over.

Always consult your doctor about your medical conditions.

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Sometimes during sex I'll lose my erection instantly it's embarrassing my wife thinks it's her but it's me This medication did help me with depression but the side effects I was experiencing was not making me happy. WaifThinWaist 27 Sep Add your Response Find similar questions.