Will 20mg of hydrocodone kill me

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Can I take more than 1. I usually use the same one but time to time I have to fill my script else where. I had all the symptoms of a over dose and sleeped most the day. I wondering if th norco has the effect on him! Best I've ever felt. My breathing is still shallow. If you are taking hydrocodone as prescribed, you may develop physical dependence on it.

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How much vicodin is safe to snort

I was suppose to take 2 hydrocodone this morning but by mistake I took 4. But check in with your pharmacist and prescribing doctor to report the side effect and ask more about dosing.

First- is this safe and how much daily could cause me a problematic addiction problem? I see the pain she is in. Thanx for any help.

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How much is too much hydrocodone? Hydrocodone overdose can be deadly. I got involved with smoking and drinking a long time ago but quit, went my own way.

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Mar 8, 1. The oxycodone is stronger than the Vicoden ES however it deadens your mood if your on it too long- does not give you energy like vics do- oxycontin 20mg is longer lasting however as first it feels like your not on much of anything compared to the oxycodone 15mgs vicoden es mg is the best- but like stated the Tylenol kills your stomache.

You certainly CAN break Vicodin in half and you are smart to request the lowest dose of acetaminophen in your prescription. I even attended NA meetings to talk to addicts because they know more about pain killers than doctors!

A friend of mine had a child who died from hydrocodone overdose. Discussion in ' Hydrocodone ' started by AlexlemkeMar 8, I take a day for shoulder and knee pain but this eas 4 times that anount.

For me the change in weather also has an effect on my pain. I had taken this medication for many years before and had been off it for 6 years, before resumming. These doctors need to stop prescribing medication like it is candy.

Chlorzoxazone abuse

I hope someone responds to this, I would really appreciate some Insight. I was using opiates up to a gram and a half a day of heroin which is a lot for 6 months.