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Everything you need to know about antibiotics: That night I felt a slight headache. Some mild bruising and bleeding is normal after foot surgery. Aclyesia taken for less than 1 month July 17, This material is provided for educational purposes only and is not intended for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

Skin rash, headaches, irritability, depression, lowered sex drive.

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Only side effect I had was loss of appetite. Ketch Board Certified Physician 76 satisfied customers.


Often when a patient sees a primary care physician with an infected ingrown nail, they get the same treatment and advice you received.

FreshleyMade November 16, Chronic nail infections are often associated with eczema, however it can also be complicated by a Candida or yeast infection of the nails. Took a swab of area and said it was high growth MRSA keep taking antibiotic as prescribed.

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BellaandRovey August 9, Ingrown Toenail on the Pinky. If you have questions please contact your medical provider. Then you take it as directed. LaCole October 7, It can be acute rapid onset or chronic long-standing.

There's plenty of other antibiotics that aren't this awful. Sinusitis prednisoneciprofloxacinamoxicillinazithromycinAugmentinMore Home Remedy for Children's Ingrown Toenails. I'm currently on Bactrim for a urinary tract infection, but I also have an infected hair that's been causing me a lot of pain in my groin so I'm hoping this will help there as well. I didn't think the night was going to end.

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Bactrim took care of it. Podiatrist in Los Angeles, CA.

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So Glad I did, within 5 hrs the redness was light pink and started to form a scab. Are there any recommended and safe testosterone products.

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CAn I use the Bactrim? Day four I was really dizzy and nauseous and my legs were really weak!