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What are your cycles usually like? I had a negative beta at 11dpo and a bfn at 15dpo so I stopped taking them and the last dose was Saturday night. Oct 4th, I'm trying to get pregnant and i spot for several days before my period each month.

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After that, I immediately went back on Prometrium until I was 11 weeks. They are going to do a blood test Wednesday if still no answer. My doctor gave me Prometrium last month to take 10 days before my period was suppose to start and I stopped it when my period came.

This, almost exact thing happened to me. I am not sure. Pregnancy - First Trimester. I was upset and asked my dr's office what was going on. I have taken the Prometrium 3 times now, at the end of my cycle, and the day after ending it, I get my period. I've been used to getting a period from withdrawl of progesterone, but is it possible because I had a follicle and didn't O the other times that my body is taking over and I'll get a period when it's ready instead of with the progesterone withdrawl?

Can Prometrium delay your period? I understand that other things can start abnormal bleeding, one interesting fact is that during intercourse, the "manhood" can hit bottom or the cervix that is very sensitive and can break blood vessels, not enough for Niagra falls, but like a cut that takes time clotting. Results 1 to 10 of If they're positive, then yea. Yes, if you're on progesterone suppositories, then you shouldn't get AF until you stop taking them.

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I'm trying not to give up yet, but its hard and I'm already so sad! I don't even know anymore. Then the next month I was 3 days late and tested and BFP.

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I have heard clomid can make you late. Not sure if any of this helps or not. That is a serious little pill and I wouldn't be surprised if a delayed period is a side effect for you.

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Page 1 of 2. I was told I didn't ovulate though.