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Don't use a spoon from the kitchen or the measuring device from a different medication.

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The drugs may interact and lead to kidney damage or other side effects. If you have run out of one medication and want to switch to the one you have in your home that is usually fine.

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Oldest Newest 16 Posts. Are dosage recommendations for babies changing? Do you mean they are the same concentration? Contact Us Print Resources.

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The target brand of children's actually has the syringe top even though it comes with a cup so we used with a syringe and worked great! When Can Babies Eat Strawberries? Visit KidsHealth in the Classroom.

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The ONLY difference I've found between SOME infants and childrens, is that infants come with a syringe and the top is the perfect size to put the syringe in and tip the bottle over and extract the exact amount. Dealing with doctor visits. These changes are designed to make it easier to give children the correct dose and to make the bottles more childproof.

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Ibuprofen limits the production of prostaglandins, a type of fatty acids. To notify BabyCenter of Content that infringes your rights other than copyright violations in which case please click here o Created by rachkett Last post 3 months ago. Many generic brands of acetaminophen are available. How to get pregnant: Types Infant's Tylenol comes only in liquid form, with a dropper that should be used to accurately measure the dosage and dispense the medication.

What Do You Know? What's the difference between acetaminophen and ibuprofen? Print A A A.

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They WERE different dosages at one time. Using the recommended dose for the new medicine while administering the old one could cause an overdose. And you could end up with both types in your home medicine cabinet. Side Effects of Tylenol for Bodybuilding and Muscles. Mon, Sep 12, BabyCenter News -- A new, less concentrated version of infant acetaminophen is hitting store shelves across the United States.