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After spending our whole lives not having to worry about irrational thoughts driving our actions, they suddenly seem to control everything. There are so many different withdrawal symptoms that people may experience while on this medication. About 1 year later I was put on Paxil to treat my anxiety. It will be months before my brain is once again able to regulate Serotonin levels to an acceptable degree.

I started doubting my decision of coming off this med, but talking to family, friends, and reading blogs like this truly helped me put me back in place.

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Jon Feb 6, Paxil withdrawal Forgetfulness - Unable to remember what one ordinarily would remember. The tapering schedule that most doctors give their patients is much too fast.

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Anemia - A condition in which the blood is no longer carrying enough oxygen, so the person looks pale and easily gets dizzy, weak and tired. I did exactly what she had told me to do, and within a week of weening, I started to get these horrible side effect. Like yesterday and today. Anna April 16, Also does probiotic supplements increase or decrease blood pressure. What I do is stay at a level for about a month without the intention of tapering again.

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I started 20mg Paxil in April of and took the drug for 13 months. Last time I tried this I paced around crying wanting to claw myself out of my own head. Paxil withdrawal Pain in Limb - Sudden, sharp, and uncontrolled leg or arm discomfort.

More like soreness to the touch over my entire body. We reduced the Paxil more quickly at the beginning and more slowly toward the end of the taper.

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I slept almost half the day and my appetite is now decreasing. These meds are probably good in desperate situations, but not for casual problems.

I was put on Paxil last summer after celexa seemed to not be working for me anymore. Are you on any other new meds that could be doing this to you? I have another post on this blog where I try to work through the different elements that influence the length and severity of symptoms.

It has a very short half life, unfortunately. Anger thats sort of uncontrollable.

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