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Have you had a bloodtest yet to confirm? Clomid is most successful as the first line of treatment for women who experience irregular or absent menstrual cycles.

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Thank you for your patience and understanding during the site outages and server upgrade! Clomid is scary stuff, and if you're under 35, I would not go the drugs and RE route without at least trying a monitor.

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Facebook Google Twitter Remember. Early Detection Pregnancy Tests Begin testing as early as days past ovulation! I have ovulated once since I started charting I didn't know that clomid makes your cycles longer; good to know. Summer Tips for Infertile Couples.

I wanted to add that I also after trying for 12 years on and off took mg self prescribed clomid cd doc tried me on it years ago but this time decided I wasnt entitled to help because I had a 13 year old already! My periods are fairly regular, albeit anovulatory.

I'm on CD 24 of the Clomid cycle, and not seeing any signs of ovulation yet, so I think this cycle is pretty hopeless.

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Patient Stories Careers View Locations. Have you all read Taking Charge of Your Fertility? The size is far more important than the number of follies. Are you going to try for more some day? First Time On Chlomid. I want to take as few tests as possible as I have been disappointed so many times! I am new to BBT charting.

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How long did you try before you started clomid? How was it carrying them? Pregnancy Test Brands Get the stats for tons of pregnancy test brands. As soon as you discover you have an ovulatory problemyou should check with your doctor and find out what caused this disorder.

I feel like we've been waiting around for me to pop an egg for so long! TTC is your life as much as when you're pregnant. Visit the Pregnancy Test Gallery. How long were you under the care of an RE before you conceived?