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I'm concerned that the drugs are making no real headway and feel like a bit of a ticking timebomb after what happened with my eye. Taking Claritin stopped my Losartan induced calf cramps!!!

It is important to note that the event rate was lower than anticipated, and therefore, the study may not have been powered to show a significant difference. Lisinopril gave me my worst reaction. Finding myself locking the doors, checking to make sure they are locked multiple times.

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The FDA lists the typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, increased urination, and hypotension. Since the increase to mg, I seem to ache all over. There's really no precise time frame, it can vary from person to person.

ArthralgiaDrug ineffective. For the same reason, salt substitutes containing potassium chloride NoSaltLite Saltetc.

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My blood pressure is normal after relaxing all day no stress but doubles up on my losartan I was on losartan potassium for years. It would be best to continue taking it, unless your doctor approves of your stopping it.

Losartan Side Effects:

Started taking losartan and experienced extreme fatigue. If you haven't seen an endocrinologist, go see one.

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Aloe vera will help digestion but what will it do for hypertensiion? My first readings in the morning and evening are often wildly high. After one month I started having intense leg cramps.

I'm disappointed in the Dr. Effects of blood pressure level on progression of diabetic nephropathy: Earlier this year the trials were stopped as long term results had not been as good as expected although no patients had been harmed.

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Oldest Latest Most Votes. A friend in Australia was one of the first patients to undergo a denervation trial but I believe the only thing it has achieved is allowing the BP drugs to work to lower her blood pressure whereas her blood pressure didn't respond to the drugs pre-denervation. Sat, Aug 20 '11, 6: Eighty-four percent of patients assigned to losartan remained on that drug throughout the study compared with 80 percent of those assigned to atenolol. My question is, can I take the losartan and amlodipine together in the morning instead o I've managed to get up to feet according to Google Earth, so far without any problems.

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Thanks in anticipation of your reply Report this. I tried to get on renal denervaton trials at Imperial College in but they did not consider my BP to be consistantly high enough. Readings do fluctuate quite a bit over a shrt period of time.