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Adverse cardiovascular effects" and "COX-2 selective inhibitors: These effects may contribute to the increase in cardiovascular risk associated with the selective cyclooxygenase-2 COX-2 inhibitors [ 5 ].

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More Tips for Avoiding Medication Problems Be sure any medications you choose to use are safe for people who have high blood pressure. Voltaren Gel is now off patent and available in generic form.

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Better navigate the business aspects of medicine and stay on top of the changing healthcare landscape. If the label has a warning for people who take blood pressure medicine or who have high blood pressure, do not take that medicine before talking with your doctor about it.

One day I noticed my ankles were very swollen. The average increase is small, but the actual amount of increase can vary widely from individual to individual. Not a Medscape Member?

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Develop Your Own Curriculum. To make this brand new guide more affordable we have reduced the price. Many common medications, not just pain relievers, can affect blood pressure because of the way that they affect signaling systems within the body. Some weight loss drugs may make heart disease worse:.

Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs)

However, these conclusions cannot be extended to larger doses of aspirin. I did the same as always, then it hit me. Decongestants can make blood pressure worse in two ways:. Talk with your doctor before using these. These suggestions can help:. Gain Essential Business Knowledge.

Can taking zovia increase the blood pressure? Easing Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain. I stopped right there and have never taken another one. Your doctor may be able to recommend alternatives, such as using acetaminophen instead of ibuprofen. This can prevent either drug from working properly.

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