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Rhubarb is a natural extract so it has few side effects. Elizabeth Davis is GoodRx's medical editor and consumer savings expert.

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Premarin therapy is used in men for prostate cancer and in female for breast cancer. Part of the problem was that Premarin was approved at a time when the government only required proof of safety, not efficacy.

I applaud your efforts. There is nothing better the nature and natural remedies.

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Estrace is available in the form of both a cream and tablets. Many visitors to our website have found such products cost effective.

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Bioidentical hormones from a compounding pharmacy are cheaper, identical to our own human hormones unlike premarin and are made without inhumane treatment of mares. So, it was cancelled, and no other generic for Premarin ever came out.

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Take the tablet with a full glass of water. If there is anywhere we need government intervention. Or follow us on social media: As a beef cattle producer, I can relate to the unethical propaganda used to vilify agricultural producers, so here is just one example of a neutral, factual article about PMU ranching: I am also filing a complaint with Blue Cross and have submitted this story to an investigative arm of NBC. Advice from other commenters on this website is not a substitute for medical attention.

The main side effect of rhubarb is mild gastric upset. The registrants, technical contacts, and billing contacts for both web sites have addresses in China.

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I looked down into the Premarin tube and saw nothing, just an empty hole!. For treatment, doctors recommend 10 mg tablet once daily or 70 mg tablet once a week. Take the dose of drug as prescribed by your doctor. And although the controversy over Premarin has been painful for both the industry and the FDA, it may yet bear fruit.

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I am scared to get off Premarin because I got severe migraines before I started it. To view content sources and attributions, please refer to our editorial policy.

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Judy relates her Canadian connection: Please seek medical advice before starting, changing or terminating any medical treatment.