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In fact, according to my doctor, I now have rheumatism. Myalgia Myalgia is the medical term for generalized muscle pain and tenderness.

Crestor is one of these popular cholesterol-lowering drugs. Suzette Toronto, Ontario May 31, at The only positive evidence mentioned in the systematic review comes from another small study done by Case et al.

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CoQ10 Inhibition to Mitochondrial Mutations People with liver and thyroid problems may also develop muscle pain while taking statins. Do not stop any medicine without checking with the prescriber. This disease can cause life-threatening muscle damage. At my insistence, I went on a generic, Simvastatin.

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The key finding was that among the 11, who reported stopping statins because of adverse effects and then restarted, more than 90 percent were able to continue taking the drug long-term.

Nearly 60 million people will be taking statins this year in the United States alone. However, some researchers believe that participants in such trials are not representative of the general population and thus the results underestimate the true prevalence of statin-related side effects.

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I found that 40mg a day was about all the Lipitor I could tolerate. It will be interesting to hear of your results, please let us know.

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You've been added to our list and will hear from us soon. At the same time, heightened awareness about side effects prompted the FDA and AstraZeneca, the company that makes Crestor, to take steps aimed at further limiting them. Crestor 20 mg severe muscle cramps, back pain, muscle weakness, dark urine,soreness,and abdominal pain. I want to make sure I give you an answer that is right for you, given your medical conditions. Not one went to see the physician because they were feeling tip top.

I was put on Crestor 10 mg a day 7 years ago.

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Should you exercise, or Muscle pain during statin treatment is a common problem encountered by patients, and a frequent question posted to pharmacists. Weigh the benefits and risks. It's never been done--isn't it time to do so?