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Leafy greens, asparagus, and broccoli, for example, are all high in vitamin K. It is worth considering factors such as; How stable is your INR?

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It seems reasonable to try calories on your fast day in the mean time — perhaps with plenty of green veg as helpfully recommended by pdquick. It would be wise to increase monitoring of your INR if you start Intermittent fasting to see how you respond.

Thanks for the info everyone. Traveling on Warfarin Travel Series: Want to exercise, but worried about your diabetes and INR level?

Warfarin works by slowing the production of vitamin K which is needed to help your blood to clot.

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Everything you need is here on this website. But as for warfarin, the classic advice about warfarin is to maintain a constant intake of dietary vitamin K.

Instead of avoiding vegetables, talk with your doctor about the best diet plan for you, and your doctor will work with you so that you can reach your weight loss goals and improve your overall health.

How does one go about getting INR readings from home?!?

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I think it's' the combination of being very inactive for about 6 months along with the medication. Also, while the shakes may be a suitable source of protein, they will not contain the same level of antioxidants and other phytonutrients that your body receives from fruits and vegetables. When I first got on Coumadin, I did in fact gain weight and at first struggled to get the weight off but I've learned that watching my salt levels seem to help me.

My INR test constantly varied, so I actually cut down on the number of salads I eat in a day from 3 to one big one at night during the work week and watch my K. I am working out consistently to see if I can drop the weight. Sign In or Register.

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Fast Diet and warfarin Browse: I am currently getting checked once a month. Skip to Content googletag.

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Check out these related articles: If you maintain a green diet, rather than occasionally introducing vitamin k into your diet, your INR will stay in range, no problem. I need to be sure if it wont affect my INR. I would not have been able to fast on dabigatran because it caused so much stomach upset, I had to take it with food. Balance with Diet Does warfarin make you chilly? Being on "thinners" doesn't mean you should treat spinach like the plague, it just means that if you eat salads, or any other form of vitamin K-containing food, do it on a consistent basis.