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I am now on. I know not everyone is as fortunate as I am in this regard. However, it is associated with greater weight gain than older antipsychotic medications. Her doctor kept at her to take this stuff but she finally took herself off of it.

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Are you off the Zyprexa? I did a gradual taper off. This time I had to take 5 weeks off work and I still feel horrible. Also experienced headaches, then strange sensations on the right side of my brain. CBD is a huge healing tool. Opiates, Recreational Drugs, Alcohol Withdrawal.

Our advisors are standing by 7 days a week: I had the most horrible nightmares. The recommended starting dose is typically 5 mg. It is reassuring to know that others have been going through this.

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Hi, Sarah Well done and congratulations on coming off psychiatric meds. You wrecked my life!!!

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I gained a lot of weight due to olizanpine use. Hi Els54… I am still 2. It's very difficult coming off this med. Initially it helped me sleep but I sleep for at least twelve hours each day.

So, it is not a good time to cut meds. There are comfortable ways of coming off Zyprexa and there are uncomfortable ways. My guts are shot now… I just had a colonoscopy and upper GI looked at and it seems I have such bad muscle spasms that my guts are now inflamed.

I went from being 12 stone, too a 18 stone in two years, suffering from palpatations and chest pains and increased weight gain to the point of stretch marks around my body. I wish you continuous success in your journey or goal to go off this medication as well.

I hope the nausea goes away soon. Olanzapine was a walk in the park compared to Rispiridone, which I was initially given, and was pure nightmare fuel. Somehow I have to keep going, there must be an end to this! Does anyone know how long withdrawal symptoms last?