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So i never followed through with this diagnosis I really think this is my TSH level making me feel so crappy all the time. Don't give up, never surrender. FMS turned out to be a bad diagnosis, it was celiac.

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I need to get better to get back working or get on disability. Fibro and Ms are very real and very painful.

And yet, migraines, like a hot iron rod through my skull, strike me out of nowhere. I didn't have a lot of emotional side effects that I can recall. It has been a good medication for that.

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You can get such mp3s for download at a site called Transcendental Tones. It's also important to use moisturizing ear drops and be diligent in your oral hygiene. I will have to be put in the hospital if I get these symptoms this soon after being sooo sick.

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I walk to work instead of driving. Oh, and before you get snotty about professional expertise, after I got out of the military, I used my civilian-side education as a biologist and I work in a medical research facility.

I will definitly call Dr. You have to remember that not everyone is as well off as you are, Dr. You'd better hope you never get sick because I hope the doctor's completely dismiss your symptoms and you suffer for years because of it. But no one was raised that way or educated to understand it completely.

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Kim is a year old woman who came to sleep clinic to investigate her fitful and unrefreshing sleep. My doc wasn't at all surprised when I came in complaining of this a few years ago, he actually said he was surprised I hadn't come in for it sooner. Yup you seem like you know alot.

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Usually just shaking them does the trick though it does disturb by partner in bed. It has been really a good medication for me,even thought at the beginning I was scared to take that,it worried me sick.

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I have been on Cymbalta since JulySince that time my pain has decreased dramatically, it took about 2 months to kick in but like i said before that pain is significantly less. I have been to several doctors some are puzzled others say it is resless leg syndrome. Then when she was asleep, the leg movements continually disturbed her sleep by causing arousals on average 30 times per hour.

Do you have Restless leg syndrome when taking Cymbalta? Other drugs that have the same active ingredients e.