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Total food intake kcal and intake of protein, fat and carbohydrate was calculated from weighing food provision and plate waste. I weighed about prior to being hospitalized about 12 years ago.

However here is a link to some further information which may be of some use to you all http: I am taking this because i had a brain tumor but im doing well now. My weight is always somewhere between lbs. Footnotes The remaining authors have no financial conflicts of interest to declare. It is noted as a side effect. We're all in the same boat but it's great to find a way to encourage one another on this blog.

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Indeed, VPA treatment has been found to increase post-prandial insulin and proinsulin levels Luef, et al. Eating attitudes and behaviours The following questionnaires were used to measure changes in eating attitudes and behaviours during treatment.

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The remaining authors have no financial conflicts of interest to declare. I cant say whether it will succeed or fail. I was taught how to eat right and make better food choices.

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Clozaril, however, in studies it is three times as likely to add weight and contribute to the slide towards diabetes type two when compared to other meds in the same class. I've been depressed,felt sorry for myself, that it's not fair.

The average amount of weight gained during VPA treatment is approximately 6 kg Biton, et al. So it seems that the choices for medications may be broader than we have gotten used to recently.

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Change in waist circumference and blood pressure systolic and diastolic from day 0 to 21 did not differ between the groups. The sad fact is that with depression, you don't have ANY motivation to exercise.

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I still have cravings from time to time but I don't have to give in to them. Lived in a cloud. I noticed every night that I did not take Seroquel I noticed I would lose 2lbs by the time I woke up. Also Zi didn't think 50 mg. I was hospitalized again in JanuarySeroquel was increased, as was my dosage of Lamictal. Any pointers as to anyone actually staying a certain weight ON depakote????

Depakote makes you gain weight now matter what. In my daughter case diet and exercise were not effective at all in controlling the weight gain. I want nothing more than to live a "normal" happy life and this medication may be working against me.

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