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Thank you in advance Bill. I took a pain pill a few weeks ago. Sun, Mar 20 '16, 1: Can you help me understand this???? I have been drinking nothing but water when will it be out of my system. I'd click on the Vicodin group then ask your question. Vicodin contains a combination of acetaminophen and hydrocodone. Will it show up on the panel?

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Please respond to my email address. Research has shown that the elimination half-life of hydrocodone is an average 3. I have been taking this drug for about a year now and I have a drug test coming up. Cause if it did.

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How many days before the court hearing??? I take hydrocodone have been for bout 15 yrs if I stop takin them a couple days before a standard drug test will it show up. What could be the problem? Saying Vicodin or Percocet will test positive for opiates is like saying excessive coffee drinking will make you fail for amphetamines. I have also tested positive for something I have not taken.

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Fri, Mar 21 '14, 3: To expect the worst, your odds are probably more likely to test positive than negative. I took 1 hydrocodone pill 8 days before a hair 5 panel drug test.

When is the latest I can take a Norco for it to have enough time to be out of my system to pass the urine test? Once I accidentally was given a hydrocodone from a friend and was told it was an oxycodone.

Vicodin and Drug Tests

I now have a new doctor, and my old doctor retired. So i have learned to try not to take all my daily meds,so when they are late, i have some to fall back on.

It just seems so confusing to me the window of detection times for hydrocodone. I am prescribed hydrocodone for plantar fasciitis by my physician.

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I took 3, 10 mg on Sunday at noon….