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Infrared spectroscopy is one of the most powerful analytical techniques that offer the possibility of chemical identification.


For each compound, different spectral pretreatment methods were applied in association with selected spectral regions. Acta1 CrossRef Google Scholar.

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Drug evaluation studies Estimation of simvastatin in the inclusion complex Procedure: October 28, Citation: The partial least squares PLS model was built to predict the relative content of lovastatin, the main impurity of simvastatin, and sum of statin-like impurities.

The absorbance of prepared solutions of Simvastatin in methanol measured at Simultaneous quantification of simvastatin and excipients in liposomes using near infrared spectroscopy and chemometry. Calibration set and cross-validation was carried out in order to select the best model to be used further. Among the three polymers used PVP is having highest dissolution efficiency in 1: Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution.

Straight line subtraction SLS was the best pre-treatment method for each compound, although the selected spectral regions were different.

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These aggregates can form dispersed drug delivery systems such as micro and nanoparticles [ 2 ]. In the present work, studies were carried out on preparation and evaluation of ternary inclusion complexes of Simvastatin with a view to improve its Aqueous solubilityDissolution rate and Oral Bioavailability. The method developed for each compound was validated in terms of linearity, trueness, precision and accuracy.

In all the cases neither the characteristics functional group of the drug molecule nor the polymer are affected in the range of absorption. This service is more advanced with JavaScript available, learn more at http: Also, the formation of 1: October 24, ; Published Date: Can't read the image?

Evaluation of impurities in simvastatin drug products with the use of FT-IR spectroscopy and selected chemometric techniques. The drug content of the inclusion complexes was quite uniform as can be observed from the Tables For comparison, the dissolution of pure drug was studied [ 89 ]. Thus, the dissolution study suggests that complexes prepared by kneading method exhibited a faster dissolution when compared to pure drug dissolution data.

BCrossRef Google Scholar. First cyclodextrin is added to the mortar, next ethanol and dichloromethane 2: When guest molecules are incorporated in the cyclodextrin cavity or in the crystal lattice, their melting, boiling and sublimation points are usually shifted to a different temperature or disappear within the temperature range, where the cyclodextrin lattice is decomposed [ 11 ].