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I agree on the compassion part.

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It is however wonderful that you have explained this, as it makes sense of the pains behind the eyes and pressure in the head that our son Olly experienced. I'm upset that accutane is so easily prescribed these days.

Never socialized and hated school.

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This syndrome is not confined to ex-Accutane users is it? And there is so much complacency and lack of listening to anecdotal evidence from patients amongst doctors, I am sad to say. The physical symptoms worsened and continued for years after I'd stopped taking the meds, and I have absolutely no doubt at all that they triggered the bouts of severe depression that I consequently experienced I've attempted suicide three times in the past and also my seemingly never-ending anxiety.

It gave me a depression I am still suffering from and will presumably suffer from for the rest of my life. I feel as if accutane changed my personality. I have had acne for around 5 years now and been put on various oral and topical antibiotics. I also took this horrible drug as a teen. Which is a horrible thing of which to have absolutely zero for all your years as a teenage girl Very curious to find out what you did to fix your thyroid problem, as myself and everyone with these side effects has either been diagnosed hypo or has the symptoms.

Seems to me your brother has Bipolar disorder I know because i have it as well, albeit much less serious that his case as you describe it Makes sense, because bipolar tends to show itself around age 18 — So my question is, what are the negative effects of accutane on the brain? Now, years later, I feel like I have overcome it.

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That said, I currently use doxycyline with retin-A micro at night and benzamycin gel during the day. So unfortunately I trusted her and my son was on this crap for a few months, and after that developed depression, and was suicidal and aggressive. What you believe is your reality, will be. I am sorry to see what happened with Stefan, but I am glad that someone considering accutane may see his video and these posts!

Many people have suffered from these side effects. With a burgeoning staff of or so actors, ranging from infants to the elderly, the organization prides itself on being able to provide a surrogate for almost any conceivable situation. I wish everyone the best.

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Pea size of those, dime size of the salicyclic acid. At least we have got the British Government taking us seriously now.