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Yes, my password is: Percocet is a prescription pain medication containing oxycodone, a narcotic. I'll just have to watch what develops. People usually act out of fear or love.

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I really would like a straight answer. I have been on oxycodone for three years now for arthritis pain.

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I thought you said opiates and weed. I can't think of any drug that would be life-threatening if used as prescribed and mixed with a moderate amount of marijuana. He recommends smoking about minutes after ingestion.

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Painkillers just make you hazy and confused. I am healthy in every other way.

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I don't know how to deal with the pain anymore. And then I would suggest you just do little-bits take a hit, let it sink in for a few minutes until you get to where you want to be. He yells at the TV and talks at me. Your name or email address: Hes smoking cigarettes but only a few a day.

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Towards a culture of responsible drug use. Fever gone after treatment. My my wife took one Vicodin in the morning and one the afternoon bout three p.

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Back to the doctor who be thinks he has some stomach bug and advices a bland diet. Share This Page Tweet. Percocets and Marijuana self. So, the amount of acetaminophen in each Percocet pill varies between — mg. I also forgot to mention I suffer from OCD and i am taking klonopin and luvox. If I wait 6 to eight hours between each will it be safe I only take the oxy when necessary and will probably be off it all together as the pain continues to subside and try taking tylenole when pain becomes too bad.